Koi Fish

PRINT Wall Art Illustration -

Watercolor coloured pencil Portrait 



- This is a print of a Illustration I've created of Two Koi Fishes. 

- You will receive a Print of this illustration, available in two sizes Din A4 or Din A3.

- This Piece was hand drawn by me with pencil, watercolor and black ink. Scanned the illustration and adjusted the colours.

- This illustration will be will be printed on a 210 g/Paper. 

!! There may be a slightly colour difference due to the monitor screen !!



© COPYRIGHT Yanick Monteiro -Yunique Monteiro

Purchase of the image does not grant transfer of copyright. I, the artist, retain all copyright privileges. Images may not be used, sold, redistributed or printed in any way.



If there is anything I can help you with, please ask me. 


Thank You

Yunique Monteiro

Koi Fish

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