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Blushing: Willkommen

Could have prepared

anyone for flickered

interesting, unusual

own imagination to fly


I had to do!

I wanted to express

my certain things, with less

self-acceptance and a little

more confidence


Blushing: Biografie
Blushing: Galerie

Models: David To 

              Michel Clare
Designs: Yanick Monteiro
Styling: Yanick Monteiro

Illustrations: Yanick Monteiro

Photography: Yanick Monteiro

Blushing: Öffnungszeiten

Redifining the modern

man in my handwriting.

Intensify tenderness

as well as elegance, and

to mirror drama dreamily.

Toughen delicacy

with gracefullness

and to festively bloom.

To blur rigid categories

of masculine and feminine

and create a space

for free and uninhibited

creative expression.

Blushing: Projekte
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