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Hi, there! 

Welcome to Yunique Monteiro

My name is Yanick Monteiro. I`m a Portuguese Fashion illustrator, photographer and designer born in Switzerland. I began to draw at an early age and developed my illustration style through some years and a range of different inspiration. 

After graduating at the F+F School for Art and Media Design in Zurich, where I realized my love for garments, patterns and fabrics, I absolved an apprenticeship as a dressmaker in Chur, Switzerland.

Inspired by Fashion Designers Yves Saint Laurent, Guillaume Henry and musicians such as BANKS, Amber Mark and Rihanna, I became more determined to work with garments, fabrics, photography, illustrations and designs...preferably all at the same time ;) .

The professional maturity in art and design in Chur, has fascinated me for art history. Now, I`m absolving the Bachelor of Arts in Product and Industrial Design with specialization in Fashion Design in Basel, Switzerland.

“I want to transmit feelings, memories and impressions into my work and I capture them like a photograph. With powerful colors, strong lines and various contrasts, I direct the viewers attention to certain elements of the creation by also removing some sections of it. Only to replace the with subtle gestures of the its existing form.” 

- Y. Monteiro


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